MHS Marching Uniform Policy 19/20  HERE
Uniform Diagram HERE


Summer Uniform: khaki shorts (appropriate length!), MHS Band T-shirt, tennis shoes

Game Day Uniform: blue bibbers (pants), red sports jacket, blue ball cap, clean white band shoes with long white socks, white gloves

Competition Uniform: white bibbers (pants), red/blue jacket including braids, shako with plume, clean white band shoes with long white socks, white gloves, YOU MUST WEAR WHITE UNDER YOUR UNIFORM INCLUDING SHORTS/LONG JOHNS/LEGGING, SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS, NO SLEEVELESS SHIRTS.

Cleaning Band Shoes:  Band shoes should be cleaned with magic eraser. Laces can be taken out and if you take a little Soft Scrub in your hands and run the laces through your hands and then wash them out, they will stay clean and white.  


**Helpful Tips

- Have your student keep a spare pair (or two) of white socks in their band locker

- Layers go a long way on those cold Friday night football games and at competitions

- Hand warmers are great to keep in pockets to warm hands up before/after performances

- Have student write name on the inside and on the sole of the white band shoes

- Long hair needs to be kept up inside the hat, especially at competitions  

- All band members need plain white shorts or leggings and a short sleeved shirt, no sleeveless to wear under the competition uniform


We do sell socks ($2) and gloves ($10), or RENT shoes ($2), shakos ($2), plumes ($2), shorts ($2), and raincoats ($5) for those students who misplace or forget theirs prior to events (quantities are limited).  This will be charged to the student account if they do not have cash when item(s) is needed.