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Frequently Asked Questions

posted Aug 2, 2012, 6:02 AM by Denise Birkhoff   [ updated Sep 5, 2020, 8:13 AM by B Trout ]

For more information, contact us at mhsbbi@gmail.com


What’s the football game routine?
·        Dinner is provided by the boosters at 4:00pm for away games.
·        Students can stay in the band room after school if they wish.
·        After games and competitions, students are responsible for unloading their instrument from the trailers (if 
         applicable) and neatly hanging their uniforms back on hangers in their garment bags.  Parent volunteers check 
         uniform bags to make sure all the pieces are present and that they are hung neatly.
·        After the game one section is responsible for clean-up in the band room (sections are rotated and assigned by the 
·        Parents MUST pick their students up at Door H.  This is for their safety.  The area between the gravel lot and back 
         door to the band room becomes very congested when trailers and buses are being unloaded.
How do I volunteer?
·         Craft shows throughout the season.
·         Chaperones for away games and competitions.
·         Checking uniforms after games and competitions.
·         Helping with meals before away games.
·         Working with the Pit Crew to move percussion instruments onto the field at games and competitions.
·         Helping with fundraising (organizing a student fundraiser opportunity).
What are the responsibilities of a chaperone?
·         Checking names on a list as they board buses.
·         Monitoring behavior on buses.
·         Helping students as needed at away games and competitions.
·         Relaying concerns to the directors.
·         Communicating trip status to students as needed.
What should we do to be ready for competitions?
·        Make sure that white competition shoes are clean.
·        Students must wear white gym shorts or leggings and white underwear and white shirts with sleeves under the white pants for competitions.                 
         Colored or patterned underwear shows through the white competition pants.
·        Make sure you have clean gloves.
·        Wear long white socks.  No bare ankles, please!
·        Eating is not allowed while wearing competition uniforms.  For most competitions the Band Boosters will provide and meal or snack before or after competitions.
·        Many competitions have t-shirts or snacks for sale.  If students are interested in shopping, they should bring 
         spending money.
·        Competition day schedules will be shared a week before the competition via email.
How do fundraisers work?
·        Profits from fundraisers are applied to operating expenses that benefit all students. Based on current tax law, 
         fundraisers to benefit individuals are not permitted.
What is a student account?  How do I know how much money is in my student’s account?
·        Student accounts are kept by the treasurer to track fees, payments. You can find 
         your student’s account information (and lots of other information) on Charms (www.charmsoffice.com).   If you can’t 
         remember your Student ID contact us at mhsbbi@gmail.com.  Boosters are no longer allowed to reset passwords.  Your student's account is now tied to their personal email and cell number.
·        It is important that you keep the contact information in Charms current.  All the band communications will be 
         delivered via e-mail so please make sure you update your e-mail address if it changes.
·       The band takes a trip every two years.